Aug. 8th, 2014

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I'm Wendelah, posting for our fearless leader, [ profile] ruuger, who is experiencing LJ technical difficulties. (LJ, I love you, but can you get it together, please?)

Anyone up for doing The X-Files is Love Month? In addition to the daily posts of art, fic, podfic, meta, cartoons, icons, personal anecdotes, photos of your Scully cosplay and X-Files collectibles, and anything else I've left out inadvertently, our tentative plans include a mini-rewatch, a 155 word episode tag challenge, and maybe even a trivia contest with prizes, that is, assuming we can figure out how to do an online trivia challenge...

Is September too soon? Is October too late? SPEAK UP now. EDIT: We're leaning toward October to give people more time. Plus we could end with a Halloween free-for-all of scary episodes and fanworks!

Should we rewatch just one season? Maybe season two, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Season Two! Or do one episode per season, like we did last year? Yes to the two movies or forget about 'em?

Assuming there's interest, the signup post should be up by Monday at the latest.


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