Sep. 23rd, 2014

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This is something new for this year. Because we're ending on Halloween, I thought we'd try a candy exchange. They run one every year in conjunction with Yuletide.

We're not talking the expensive stuff, either, we're just talking the Greatest Hits of your country and maybe your childhood. So make it a ~5-10$ US cap on what you send out, as well as paying for shipping to whoever you get assigned to. Find something regional, and send it out.

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Banner by [ profile] sunlitdays

The rules are simple: comment here with your email address, and a hint about where you live. For example, in addition to my email address, I will say that I live in Los Angeles, California.

Comments will be screened. We'll leave the request post up until October 1. As the sign ups come in, we'll email you with the person you're supposed to contact for preferences, allergies, and address. We'll try to do as many international match-ups as we can, but there may be some USA/USA matchups, in which case, do try to get something regional. If you can aim to mail out your candy by the end of next week, we'll all get a little sweet treat in the mail by Halloween.

Questions can be directed here, or you can PM me if you prefer.

We still have three days open if you'd like to claim one.

[ profile] ruuger has put up the prompts post. Tell us your heart's desire for fic, vids, icons, anything at all. Maybe someone will be inspired.

We still need nominations and votes for the Halloween episode. "Detour" and "Scary Monsters" have their supporters but "Space" is not out of the running yet.

[ profile] ruuger made a Mod icon for me. *beams*
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This was fairly popular last year, so let's try it again.

This is a prompt meme/comment ficathon, but with a little twist - a prompt meme where you ca prompt all those fanworks that you wish existed.

A vid to that song that decribes Mulder to a tee, a tag to that episode that left you unsatisfied, that perfect crossover fandom, an artwork of that scene in that fic that you love... The prompts can be for any medium, and as generic or as specific as you want. You can even ask for recs, if what you want to see is something that you think must already exist.

There are no quarantees that your wish will be fullfilled, but there's always a chance someone will be inspired to create that fanwork you've always craved, or maybe it has already been done, and someone can point you to it.

If you decide to fill someone's wish, you can either post it directly to the comments here at any time, or wait until your posting day. Either way, we'll be collecting all the fills here to the masterlist at the end of the fest.


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