Sep. 30th, 2014

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Is everybody ready?

The rewatch schedule can be found here: Season Two Rewatch Schedule.

Although I'm not clear on how you'd coordinate it, I've been told by [ profile] rustingwillpowr that the chatroom at X-Files Universe is available for anyone who wants to try a live chat there. They're picking our season two episodes for their Saturday rewatch dates during October, too. X-Philes in Solidarity!

Today is the last day to claim the last remaining date—October 2—as your date.

ALL DAYS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED. Since people do drop out, leave a comment on the wait list if you'd still like a day.

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the First Annual X-Files-is-Love Halloween Candy Exchange. Comments are screened.

Don't forget about the fanworks prompt post. I can think of several prompts from last year that got written.

 photo TVAD201_zpsb9e466bd.jpg
Vintage advertisement via [ profile] badforthefish

I am loving our new custom-made-by-[ profile] ruuger, Halloween-themed icon and journal design.

One last thing before I go to work on my rewatch posts: if you find you can't manage anything to post for your claimed day, that's fine. Shit happens. Just let [ profile] ruuger or [ profile] wendelah1 know as soon as you can.

The X-Files is Love!

Wait List

Sep. 30th, 2014 05:15 pm
wendelah1: Scully's head dissolving into yellow goo (I'm melting)
[personal profile] wendelah1
If you missed out on the claiming signup and would like a second chance, leave a comment here to be put on the wait list. There are always folks who have to drop their claim so if you can keep your contribution at the ready, you might get a day of your own after all.

 photo Waitlist_zpsf7ec19cb.jpg

Otherwise, don't forget about the Halloween free-for-all coming up on the 31st.


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