Oct. 4th, 2014

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"Sleepless" is not an episode that turns up on any Best Episodes lists, but it's nevertheless a significant one in that introduces not one but two recurring characters: X and Krycek.

Writer: Howard Gordon
Director: Rob Bowman
Originally aired: October 7, 1994 (almost exactly twenty years ago!)

Synopsis: Mulder and his new partner, the rookie agent Alex Krycek, investigate the death of a doctor who appears to have been killed by a nightmare.

Memorable Quote:
MULDER: There’s a mistake here. There’s been another agent assigned to the case.
KRYCEK: That would be me. Krycek, Alex Krycek.

Fun fact:
Did you know that in the original script X was a woman? She was supposed to be played by Natalia Nogulich, but the character was recast after shooting one scene.



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