Oct. 18th, 2014

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Continuing in Hollywood's long-standing tradition of misrepresenting Vodou as evil and having ties to Satanism, "Fresh Bones" manages to hit every cultural cliché in the books, from the walking dead to black cats are evil spirits.

Apart from that, it was grisly, slow-moving, and implied that the US government would participate in a cover-up of the systematic maltreatment of a refugee population. Of course they would, but what does that have to do with the X-Files? The puzzle pieces sure didn't fit together by the end in this episode.

 photo 2x15FreshBonesedit_zps4f40076a.jpg

Writer: Howard Gordon
Director: Rob Bowman
Originally aired: February 3, 1995

Synopsis: At the request of a Marine widow, Mulder and Scully investigate the suicides of two Marines whose company had been tasked with policing a Haitian refugee center in North Carolina.

Most Memorable Quote:
Scully: Mulder, voodoo only works by instilling fear among its believers. You saw the way Bauvais tried to intimidate me. The power of suggestion is considerable, I'll admit... But this is no more magic than a pair of fuzzy dice.

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It's ironic- or just a sign of how incredibly slow I am- but I am about to repeat the words with which I started last year's entry: I am loving all of the XF love so far and plan to go back and comment on what I've missed.

This is what I wrote last year. I spoke briefly about how I started watching the show from the very beginning, shared some of my memorabilia (although I think puts me to shame), my love of the episode "Alpha" (which indulged me in), my rare love as a M/S shipper for Diana Fowley, and I spoke a little about the XF convention I attended in 1996. I couldn't find it at the time, but I just came across the program from that convention and so I wanted to share that with you.

The 1996 Official X-Files Convention )


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