Oct. 19th, 2014

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I'd hoped to post a vid today, but there was just no way I was going to finish it in time, so have some meta instead:

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(And I've been massively busy with real life - and modding [livejournal.com profile] festivids! - so am very behind, but am loving the X-Files love that I've seen, and will definitely go back and catch up on stuff and leave some comments before the month ends.)
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(sorry for the delay, I forgot to add this to the queue)

After a long stretch of MotWs, we're now back to the mythology. And again we get another piece for the mytharc puzzle with the introduction of the clones and the alien bounty hunters, and the first possible explanation to what really happened to Samantha.

Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Nick Marck
Originally aired: February 10, 1995

Mulder gets a tip about the mysterious deaths of doctors who look identical even though they were not related. His investigation is derailed, however, when he receives news that Samantha has returned home.

Most Memorable Quote:
Scully: Our friend from the C.I.A. is about as unbelievable as his story... as is everything about this case. I mean, whatever happened to "trust no one", Mulder?
Mulder: Oh, I changed it to "trust everyone". I didn't tell you?


Random trivia:
Apparently the idea of the alien bounty hunters was born when David Duchovny said to Chris Carter: "Wouldn't it be great if we had like an alien bounty hunter?"


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