Oct. 22nd, 2014

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This was harder than I thought it would be. There were so many indelible characters created for The X-Files. Unforgettable characters are a hallmark of the series, especially compared to a routine police procedural like Elementary, where you're tuning in to watch Holmes and Watson, or a science fiction series like Fringe, where, with only a couple of exceptions, only the core characters are truly compelling.

I know everyone will have their own favorites. My husband thought Duane Barry should get his own series. Off the top of my head, I can list Clyde Bruckman, Tooms, Patrick Crump, and Pam Driscoll as especially memorable. Thanks to David Duchovny and Darin Morgan, Eddie Van Blundht will live on in infamy (Lots of people spell it wrong. It's like Dutch or something.). But in the end, I choose Luther Boggs from "Beyond the Sea." The part was written with Brad Dourif in mind, and he created a vivid portrait of a manipulative serial murderer.

 photo e953625e-3055-44f4-a502-39563643d8d1_zps09d28413.jpg

BOGGS: Mulder...
(They turn back.)
Don't go near the white cross. We see you down... and your blood spills on the white cross.

Who is your favorite one-shot character?
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Today is the last general discussion post. Beginning tomorrow with "Fearful Symmetry, we march on relentlessly with an episode post per day. Please note that I made a mistake and swapped the posting dates of "The Calusari" and "F. Emasculata." The corrected schedule is below the vintage Fox ad for tomorrow's episode (graphic from [livejournal.com profile] badforthefish).

 photo TVAD218_zpsb04d7986.jpg

October 23 – Fearful Symmetry
October 24 – Død Kalm
October 25 – Humbug
October 26 – The Calusari
October 27 – F. Emasculata
October 28 – Soft Light
October 29 – Our Town
October 30 – Anasazi
October 31 – THERE IS A THREE-WAY TIE. It will either be "Detour," "Home," or "Scary Monsters."


Just a reminder that Halloween is a free-for-all day.
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Thought I'd do a bit of a review for the official comics. Haven't seen any reviews on LJ and don't really know what you all think of them, but this was my initial reaction to reading the first one. There are spoilers for the whole series below.

image-heavy )


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