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This is a hard question for me. When you love a character the way I love Scully, the temptation is to throw up my hands and say all of them. Because it's true: I love every minute of The X-Files—when she's on screen. With Mulder, without Mulder—it really doesn't matter. I have a Tumblr tag that sums it up pretty well: #Her Everything.

But if I am forced to choose, the moments I appreciate most are when she gets to use her scientific knowledge to solve cases and save lives. I love Scientist Scully and Investigator Scully and Skeptical Scully. Okay, Kickass Scully is good, too. However, I have to be honest: the episodes of The X-Files that I love best are those where scientific rationalism wins the day. I only wish 1013 had seen fit to provide a few more of them.

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screencaps by tree

My favorite Scully moment of all time is near the conclusion of "End Game," which comes full circle to the beginning of the episode. Mulder has been brought into the Emergency Room suffering from what the ER doctor thinks is hypothermia. Scully knows better. In fact, Mulder has been infected with a retro-virus that has caused his blood to turn into sludge. He's going to die unless they listen to her and use her treatment protocol--so she makes them listen to her. Where someone's life is at stake, she's a force to be reckoned with. When it's Mulder's life, she won't take no for an answer.

 photo 2x17EndGameScully_zps6201aeae.jpg

SCULLY: You've got to listen to me! If you keep him in there, you're going to kill him! The cold is the only thing that's keeping him alive.

And against all odds, she saves him. Maybe I shouldn't have been as worried as I was since Mulder is a main character--but I'd come from a fandom that killed off main characters pretty regularly.

 photo EndGameScully-thoughtful_zpsb82ab77e.jpg

Near the end, we see Mulder in a hospital bed hooked up to the equipment, tubes running everywhere. He is still quite ill. Scully is at his side. We hear this as a voice-over.

Transfusions and an aggressive treatment with anti-viral agents have resulted in a steady but gradual improvement in Agent Mulder's condition. Blood tests have confirmed his exposure to the still unidentified retrovirus whose origin remains a mystery. The search team that found Agent Mulder has located neither the missing submarine nor the man he was looking for.

Several aspects of this case remain unexplained, suggesting the possibility of paranormal phenomena, but I am convinced that to accept such conclusions is to abandon all hope of understanding the scientific events behind them. Many of the things I have seen have challenged my faith and my belief in an ordered universe...

 photo 2x17EndGameScullyBedside-edit_zps106cc385.jpg

Time has passed. Though Scully remains close at hand, the tubes and machines have vanished. Mulder is getting better. The voice-over continues.

 photo 2x17EndGameScullysmiling_zps337c0eec.jpg

...but this uncertainty has only strengthened my need to know, to understand, to apply reason to those things which seem to defy it. It was science that isolated the retrovirus Agent Mulder was exposed to, and science that allowed us to understand its behavior. And ultimately, it was science that saved Agent Mulder's life.


What's your favorite Scully moment or episode?

The re-watch resumes tomorrow with "One Breath."

Date: 2014-10-10 07:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] malice-n-wonder.livejournal.com
"Are you Luis Cardinale? Did you shoot my sister? YOU SHOT MY SISTER!"

One of my favorite Scully scenes ever, just because she is so close to totally losing her shit and Gillian completely sells it.

Date: 2014-10-10 10:20 pm (UTC)
tree: scully; text: redheaded snippet ([xf] redheaded snippet)
From: [personal profile] tree
i don't think it's possible to have just one single favourite scully moment. maybe there's a universe in which it is possible, but it's not this one. that said, i am pretty sure that scully being a badass doctor and saving mulder's life in 'end game' is my first favourite moment. and the second is her beautiful smile-like-the-rising-sun at his bedside when he wakes up.

that episode, man. i just really feel that it's the first time she truly comes into her own in every aspect: as a doctor, as an agent, as a friend/partner/person.


Date: 2014-10-11 11:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] badforthefish.livejournal.com
Gosh, that's a hard one.

- The End Game smile, most definitely, the way her whole face lits up. Chokes me up every damn time.

- Scully giving Skinner the laser stare treatment in Redux and looking sexy as hell while doing so.

- The way she swivels from her seat to crush Mulder in a hug, in Tunguska. THEM. SERIOUSLY.

- "I doubt she's even a blonde." Ok, catty Scully is unusual and OOC I know, but I just loved the way she volleyed that line back to Mulder.

- The way she turned that car around in Kill Switch, tyres screeching. Lead foot Scully is terribly endearing.

- Her facepalm hidden smile at Mudler's "Large Marge" comment (okay, I suspect the smile part was Anderson not being able to keep a straight face, even after what must have been a gazillion takes)

- the tattoo scene in Never Again. Need I explain why?

- Her silence at the end of that same ep. Best episode ending EVER.

- Her curling up next to her mother on the sofa in Christmas Carol as the family opens their presents. It is so rare to see a simple peaceful moment between mother and daughter.

- "I wanna go home". She's so tragically beautiful in this shot, framed by the car door at the end of Leonard Betts.

- The end of All Souls, that beautiful shot of Scully in the confession booth, her faith, grief and science all jumbled up.

- Chinga. Scully at the petrol station, with that Maine t-shirt and those shades. She *owns* Maine.

-*Folie A Deux. A madness shared by two." She utters French words! And it's FREAKING ADORABLE! And so is that pink suit.

- "I'm seeing a whole new side of you...I like it." She's a little shy about admitting it. Baby Scully is too cute for words.

- "Care to take me to lunch?" Eheheheh, I love it when Mulder becomes Scully's chew toy. Also see: "Is that what you were extending?" Scully made a penis joke and it was a funny one to boot.

- "We're alive. And we're relatively young and Skinner was so tickled by the movie that he has given us a Bureau credit card to use for the evening. " WHO DOES NOT LOVE THAT SCENE??? THEY'RE SMILING. AT THE SAME TIME, AND THEY'RE GORGEOUS.

-"Cold, I'm cold." Okay, I should hate this scene with every feminist bone in my body, but I don't. Mulder hacking away at the ice pod with a rage fuelled by desperation, I find that whole scene strangely beautiful, with the ice and the water, the eerie lighting, it looks like a strange, warped birth. Mulder wrapping her body with such care. *shrugs* I know, I'm weird but for me, this is ten times more romantic than the hallway scene.

The gorgeous shot of black and white Scully against the coloured paint cans in Tithonus. And also the way she 'dies' later on. This is possibly *the* scene in the X-Files where Anderson's acting talent filled me with absolute awe. I watched the spark of life disappear from Scully's eyes. I don't know how the actress pulled this one off and come to think of it, I don't want to know.

I can't end on such grim scenes. So: Scully, her face smeared with yellow powder, grinning so adorably at Mulder in Je Souhaite.
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