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"Anasazi" was written by Chris Carter with a great deal of input from David Duchovny. It's fast paced, with a convoluted plot that doesn't hold up well to close analysis; in other words, it's a typical myth-arc episode. It's also a big cliffhanger that concludes in season three's two-parter, "The Blessing Way/Paper Clip."

I wasn't around during the series' initial run but I would imagine people were wanting the summer to end so they could find out what happened in that boxcar.

 photo Anasaziedit_zps3be2a08f.jpg

Writer: Chris Carter
Director: R.W. Goodwin
Originally aired: May 19, 1995

Well. Where do I start? The episode begins with an earthquake in New Mexico and ends with the CSM ordering his men to set fire to a boxcar where Mulder is hiding. I KNOW.

Back to the beginning. A computer hacker known as "The Thinker" manages to access the DoD mainframe and download secret files related to the Project. He's gone on the run but secures a meeting with Mulder to give him the digital tape. When Mulder tries to read the files, he discovers they've been encrypted. Scully recognizes the code as Navajo and tries to find someone who can break the encryption while Mulder is summoned to the Vineyard by his father who is ready to tell Mulder the truth, at least some version of it. Meanwhile, Mulder has gotten into a fistfight with Skinner, someone has tried to kill Scully, someone does kill Mulder's father and Scully shoots Mulder!

Most Memorable Quote:
Mulder: My father's dead, Scully. They killed him.

Sara Stegall's review

O.T.: Here's a reprint of an article from the November 1, 1997 issue of Entertainment Weekly: Cataloging the "X-Files" Websites

Fanfiction: My favorites are below. If you know of others, recommend them in the comments. I'm still hoping someone will write that "Paper Clip" AU in which Mulder and Scully don't make a deal to give up the digital tape. Instead, they go on the run and take down the Consortium.

Time by Kipler.
This is Agamemnon by Vanzetti.


Thus concludes our Season Two Rewatch. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

Since we had a three-way tie for tomorrow's episode, I changed my vote. Our Halloween episode will be 9x12 "Scary Monsters"! Seems appropriate, don't you think?

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Oh my, 1996 was the longest year of my life (we were a year behind in France). I loved Anasazi and I could not wait to find out what had happened to Mulder. But the finale aired in January 1996 and I had to wait until September until the French TV aired S3. It was torture! I was just learning to use this weird thing called the internet which I could only access via computers at Uni and I think it would be one more year before I found out about online fandom.


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