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Happy Halloween, X-Philes from the future. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, October 31, is our free-for-all day. If you're on the other side of the planet from me, that's actually today. Time zones break my brain.

You may post fanfic, fanvids, fanart, icons, graphics, fanmixes, podfic, pictures of your Black Oil cosplay costume from SDCC, photos of anything of yours that's XF fandom related, preferably with some explanatory commentary, however brief. You can also post your fandom memoir, and/or meta about the series. The only restriction is that the work be original and not posted elsewhere. After tomorrow, naturally you may re-post your creations anywhere you like.

You may post as many times as you wish. Any contribution is welcome. If all you have finished is a drabble or a 155 word fic, post it. If you have three icons completed and you'd hoped to get twenty-five done, post the three. We'll love them.

Really large graphics should probably be re-sized and posted with a link to the original. Alternatively, they could go behind a cut for those poor unfortunates like myself with less than speedy internet connections.

 photo 658bb921-f7b9-4502-8ba6-7d401daa5f7b_zps53cdb319.jpg

This is a perfect opportunity for those of us (like me) who missed our date to finish it up and get it posted. Have fun! And don't forget to leave feedback! Ready, set, go!
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