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I was going to do a picspam for my day...and then I was going to do icons. But I kept getting distracted with trying to come up with some good background music for doing said artistic endeavors. Hence the fanmix kind of created itself. Although I think these songs suit this episode//a little bit the tone of season 3 on the whole very well. Cover art and track listing is under the cut.
Can I believe When I don't trust All your theories Turn to dust I choose to hide From the All Seeing Eye )
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So I think we can all agree Never Again is a pretty awesome episode. Know what else is awesome? This Picspam and the icons that go with it. I'm cutting it because it is large and internet blowing up is not cool. Captioned with my own little summerization of the episode and yeah it's kinda crack!capped

Let's Play Some Battelship Y'all! )


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