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I wanted to make a fanvid to IWTB ...just IWTB...then I realized they are sadly not in it together ENOUGH for a vid...so I had to play around with one of my favorite songs and use more than just IWTB for it...but I'm still happy with the results and feel that IWTB is the theme of it

now that I've babbled on enough time for

148 icons and a vid...I tend to go overboard so very image heavy )
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This is my favorite episode, my go-to episode if I'm having a blah day and need a cheer up so I must celebrate it in all forms

Video & Eighty Icons (this was me cutting some of the original 100) )

Title:: Movie Night
Rating:: R
Word Count : 1,130
A/N: Caddyschack scenes have been written a zillion times...here's mine.
Subject:: Caddyshack?
I’m fairly happy )

Title:: One Wish
Rating:: G
Word Count: 283
A/N : Maybe that's the point of us being here...
Subject:: One wish...

If you had one wish, what would it be? )


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