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Becoming Dana Scully: Me And The X-Files, 20 Years Later

When The X-Files first aired, I had just graduated from college. Gillian Anderson is about the same age that I am, give or take a year or two (though I must say she's always looked better than I do at this age). So as she was getting sucked into the world of the X-Files, I was also being initiated into the profession I had chosen; and, as for Scully, it was for me a long and grueling process which threatened to overwhelm my existence and blot out any recollection of a life outside. So I identified with her, as a woman entering a male-dominated profession, as someone to whom personal loyalty was extremely important, and as someone who struggled to reconcile a materialist worldview with a wish for there to be something more. And as a redhead too, I suppose.

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