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This was harder than I thought it would be. There were so many indelible characters created for The X-Files. Unforgettable characters are a hallmark of the series, especially compared to a routine police procedural like Elementary, where you're tuning in to watch Holmes and Watson, or a science fiction series like Fringe, where, with only a couple of exceptions, only the core characters are truly compelling.

I know everyone will have their own favorites. My husband thought Duane Barry should get his own series. Off the top of my head, I can list Clyde Bruckman, Tooms, Patrick Crump, and Pam Driscoll as especially memorable. Thanks to David Duchovny and Darin Morgan, Eddie Van Blundht will live on in infamy (Lots of people spell it wrong. It's like Dutch or something.). But in the end, I choose Luther Boggs from "Beyond the Sea." The part was written with Brad Dourif in mind, and he created a vivid portrait of a manipulative serial murderer.

 photo e953625e-3055-44f4-a502-39563643d8d1_zps09d28413.jpg

BOGGS: Mulder...
(They turn back.)
Don't go near the white cross. We see you down... and your blood spills on the white cross.

Who is your favorite one-shot character?
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Anyone who knows me can predict my answer to this question, even without the icon as a tip-off. I've already written meta on the topic, too: Why I Love Diana Fowley.

 photo DianaFowley-eyes-edit_zps5e97e798.jpg

The tl;dr version: I like her because she's a complicated female character who is fun to write fic about.

Who's your favorite recurring character?
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Today is National Boss Day. No, I am not making that up. It must be true--it's on my wall calendar.

In honor of the boss of the X-Files for the first five seasons plus one movie, FBI Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner, what are your favorite Skinner moments/episodes?

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This is mine. I doubt they covered this contingency in the FBI's Upper Management Handbook.
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First, let me wish a Happy Birthday to Fox William Mulder who turned 53 today.

In honor of his birthday, my Top Five Mulder Moments from Season Two.

5. The climatic scene from "Blood." After racing to the top of the clock tower where the crazed postal worker, Edward Funsch, has been firing rounds down into the crowd, Mulder disarms and takes him into custody without having to resort to violence himself. Mulder accomplishes this by reminding Funsch that if he shoots Mulder there will be a lot of blood.

 photo 2x03Blood-Mulder-gun_zps2d494960.jpg

Four More Mulder Moments )

What are your favorite Mulder moments--any season, any episode?

The re-watch resumes tomorrow with "Aubrey."
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This is a hard question for me. When you love a character the way I love Scully, the temptation is to throw up my hands and say all of them. Because it's true: I love every minute of The X-Files—when she's on screen. With Mulder, without Mulder—it really doesn't matter. I have a Tumblr tag that sums it up pretty well: #Her Everything.

But if I am forced to choose, the moments I appreciate most are when she gets to use her scientific knowledge to solve cases and save lives. I love Scientist Scully and Investigator Scully and Skeptical Scully. Okay, Kickass Scully is good, too. However, I have to be honest: the episodes of The X-Files that I love best are those where scientific rationalism wins the day. I only wish 1013 had seen fit to provide a few more of them.

 photo treetumblrscullyresized_zps98c28729.jpg
screencaps by tree

More Scully from End Game under the cut )

What's your favorite Scully moment or episode?

The re-watch resumes tomorrow with "One Breath."
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Sorry, due to RL issues I missed a couple of days of discussion posts.

We've now covered the funny and scary aspects of XF, so let's continue on the mood theme and talk about sad things. So which are the saddest moments and episodes, the ones that have touched you the most, the one have upset you, the ones have made you cry?
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After talking about the creepiest crawlies on the show, let's have a bit lighter subject today: What were the funniest scenes and quotes and episodes on the show? The things that made you laugh... intentionally or not :)
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We've covered favourite characters and favourite episodes, so let's move on to one of the things that The X-Files was best known for - the monsters.

I remember being seriously creeped out by the scene where we see Tooms' eyes gleaming in the sewers, how about you? What was the scariest, creepiest, grossest or just simply your favourite monster of the week? Did you prefer the classic creatures like the flukeman or the manitou? Or perhaps the more mundane monsters like Eugene Tooms and Donnie Pfaster? Or was it all about the aliens for you?

(Incidentally, IO9 just did a feature on 10 most ridiculous monsters on XF, in case you want to defend any one of those)
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Yesterday, we talked about favourite characters, today let's discuss episodes.

There's 202 episodes to choose from, which one is your favourite? Is it one of the funny ones like "Josie Chung's 'From Outer Space"? Or maybe the mytharc-heavy "Memento Mori" or a scary stand-alone like "Home"? Or are have you always loved "Teso Dos Bichos" and just never dared to admit it? Or do you perhaps prefer the movies?

This post is the place to write odes to your favourite - or favourites - and try to convince the rest of us with their awesomeness. Post pictures, fanart, GIF spam, fic recs, whatever you like!

The only rule is no bashing - of characters, pairings, fans or anything - not even jokingly.
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Let's start the love month by talking about the characters. Who is your favourite? Is it Mulder? Scully? Doggett, or Reyes? Skinner, Krycek or the Smoking Man? Or maybe the Flukeman?

This post is the place to write odes to your favourite, and try to convince the rest of us with their awesomeness. Post pictures, fanart, GIF spam, fic recs, whatever you like!

And you don't have to pick just one favourite, feel free to sing your praises to them all.

The only rule is no bashing - of characters, pairings, fans or anything - not even jokingly.


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