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Filling up an empty day with a small nostalgia trip. I went through my WIP folder and found a fic I'd started writing after seeing "The Truth" (over ten years ago, where does the time go?), polished it up a bit, and then finished it.

Veritas (1354 words) by Ruuger
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Doggett/Monica Reyes
Characters: Monica Reyes, John Doggett
Additional Tags: Post-The Truth, Episode Tag

Doggett and reyes on the run after "The Truth".

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i wrote a thing! apparently it's been two years since i wrote an XF fic. how did that happen?

this is dedicated to the wonderful [ profile] wendelah1 because it's her birthday. if i were a good friend it would be a long, plotty, gen, x-file. but i am not a good friend, so it is sexy tiems. it's the thought that counts?

and the world keeps beginning (2605 words) by tree
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Additional Tags: Birthday Sex, Massage

“I’m fifty, Scully, not dead.”

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TITLE: Another Christmas Carol
AUTHOR: [ profile] miss_finnegan
GENRE: MSR, humor
SPOILERS: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Emily, William
DISCLAIMER: I didn’t create the characters, just this story.
SUMMARY: Mulder is paid a visit after the events of How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.

On this night you will be visited by three ghosts )
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'cause I hate to see the party end, I'm going to keep boogie-ing over here in a corner!

Title: Hesykhia

Author: bugs

Rating: G

Genre: SAR, MSR

Word Count: 1,600

Spoilers; Through IWTB
Summary: Scully finally has her desk, and a window with a view.

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Well, gang. I'm days late with this and I hope you'll forgive me. Scully took me in a very different direction than I set out to lead her. She does that.

I started watching The X-Files in the fall of 1999. What happened was not so complicated - I watched to escape, and I became addicted. Obsessed? Oh, you all know how it goes. I devoured fanfiction and I spent ridiculous amounts of money to obtain videotapes (!) of back episodes. And I found myself. That sounds silly and pretentious, but I attribute a lot of my self-discovery, a lot of growing up, to fandom and to writing, and I wouldn't have found those without Mulder and Scully. Today, it's been a long time since I really watched this show, with that fervor and anxiety I once did. But it resonates still, and it is, after all, a first love. You know what they say....

Y'all might know, "The End" is my favorite episode. I've explored a lot of aspects of it, but this was new to me. Scully, in the basement, in the ashes. It came from listening to my favorite song, "Mary" by Patty Griffin, which I discovered thanks to the OBSSE. (If you haven't ever seen it, I encourage you to find BDodd's "Mary" video from the 2001 Scully Marathon [the version that I found on YouTube appears to have been edited to include scenes from season 9, but it is still awesome]).

So, on to the fic.

TITLE: Leaves Her Fingerprints
Pairing: Mulder/Scully, more partnership than relationship
SPOILERS: The End; series through Season 5
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and I'm not selling.
SUMMARY: "Mary stays behind, and starts cleaning up the place." Scully, after 'The End.'

-Read more... )
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Hello all,

My name is Red.  I have been an X-Files fanatic since I was 13... and now I'm 30.  I can't begin to explain what a profound effect this show had on me.  I have made lifelong friends through it (even lived with two of them for two years in an X-Files themed flat) and I am eternally grateful for the community it has given me.  I am M&S through and through - in fact, I often think that if they were to cut into my bones, MSR would be written inside, like a stick of rock.  I decided to write a little fic for this community, after pondering on the scenario for what feels like forever.  It's the first one I've written and published in YEARS, so please be gentle!

Title: Feel
Author: [ profile] red_scully
Beta reader: [ profile] so_vieh
Rating: NC-17, to be on the safe side
Classification: PWP, smut, vignette
Spoilers: Sein Und Zeit
Summary: When SUZ was filmed, they released dailies of the scene near the end, when Scully tells Mulder that she has examined Teena's body.  In one of the cut versions, things were quite a bit more intense than the final cut.  Here is what I think happened.

Here we go! )

Hope you all enjoyed! xx
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I’m relatively young to be in the fandom - as old as the show itself - and only became a fan about four years ago (thus barely missing the theatrical release of IWTB and only ever seeing reruns of the show). I’ve always liked supernatural stuff with no clear preference towards scifi but what keeps me watching any TV show, and keeps me committed to coming back to it, is romance. I can’t deny it. I found The X Files quite randomly by YouTube; I was obsessed with a song nd when searching for it on YT the first result was an MSR video. It caught my eye and I decided to give a shot to the reruns on TV at the time. I cannot remember the first episode I saw but it’s probably somewhere on season 8. The TV channel it was on was strangely only showing seasons 7-9 and when they’d get to the end they’d start at 7 again. So I quickly gave up on them and happened to find the Essential collection put together by CC, a mix of eight episodes along the whole series, and started with that. A year later I owned all the seasons and both films on DVD.

So, now that I’ve distracted you with my XF origins story I’ll present my contribution for this year. This time I’m offering you a hefty portion of Mulder fashion. As I’ve been re-watching the show lately I’ve noticed Mulder’s complete lack of style especially in ties. Fine, some of it is result of the fashion-unfortunate era but I genuinely think this is IC for Mulder. It does get better towards the end but frankly, up was the only direction is could go. What I have here is a overview of Mulder’s fashion moments throughout the show - mainly the aforementioned ties but you can also start preparing yourself for a red Speedo...
Also taking this time to shamelessly promote my earlier fanfics that I’ve only now properly pusblished somewhere else than on lj! Here on you can find four fics of mine, two of which have been my earlier xf_is_love entries.
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Thank you to the community for this opportunity to get the ol' XF writing muscles going.  I can't believe it's been 20 years!

In my typical nutty fandom fashion, I didn't watch The X-files when it started because I'm not interested in the paranormal and I thought DD was too good looking.  My mother and sister loved the show though, but my one chance to see it was a Christmas visit and Emily and I ended up ranting, who'd do that to a character!?

But after seeing Fight the Future, I decided to start following the show, caught up with VHS tapes (!) I rented over the summer, and was ready for the final years...Just as many of the hardcore fans were leaving.  Oh well.  But it's the still my first fully involved fandom, my first published fanfiction, my first chance to make friends and enemies with complete strangers!  Good times!

For my contribution, I wrote a story, I Can't Take You Anywhere.  
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Title: Physicochemical Experiments in Influencing the Weather (The Cosmic Love Remix)
Author: [ profile] tree
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: General
Summary: A post-ep for Syzygy.

This is a remix of [ profile] wendelah1's story Like Heaven to Touch.

Many thanks to [ profile] idella for encouraging and insightful beta.

so I stayed in the darkness with you )
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Title: Quests
Author: [ profile] sharo_8760 
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: Maybe PG 13 for some strong words. 
Summary: Five little pieces of their lives. 
A/N: To tell you guys the truth, I hadn't read the rules that well. Which means my contribution project is kind of out of the theme. Or actually, you could link each drabble with pretty much any of the episodes... Anyways, on Sunday I was at a Foo Fighters concert and tried to get inspiration and then I thought, "hey, these guys are fans so I'll make little fics to their songs!". And I did. And after that I read that each contribution can only center on one episode... So since it's 1:30 am here and I've got work tomorrow, I edited as much as I could but not everything. I hope you'll forgive me (it's better to have even something than nothing at all, right? Ehm...). I know, one simple rule and I messed it up, but I hope you like it anyhow. Let's just say it's a slight AU before and after Je Souhaite - my version of it, at least.I have to say though, the first drabble is quite loose from the theme but it's my personal favorite. Oh, and if you want to read the fics with the appropriate music I created a YouTube playlist to accompany the reading. All is right there under the cut...

Quests )
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Title: Down Time
Author: [ profile] pukajen
Paring: MSR
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2,239
Spoliers: XF
Disclaimer: X-Files, in any its incarnations, doesn't belong to me.
Author's Note I: i haz a [ profile] soundingsea with me!!!!! My wonderful beta is here with me!!!! Though we are not going over fic. Any mistakes are wholly mine.
Author's Note II: This is for [ profile] xf_is_love's summer of love challenge.
Summary:After the whole vampire incident had become nothing, they were strongly requested to take some of the massive amount of personal leave they both had accrued over the last several years.

Down Time
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Title: Of So Divine a Loss
Author: [ profile] wendelah1
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: G
Summary: He'd regretted the lies to her, but there was a lot more at stake back then. Despite everything, he had kept Scully safe. This time, the very first time he had a headache, as soon as he was certain what it was, he'd told her the truth.

This is a cross-over with Stargate SG-1 but no knowledge of that series is needed to understand this story. Set post-IWTB.

My thanks to [ profile] idella for the brain-storming sessions, encouragement and lightening-beta. Any mistakes that remain are mine alone.

Of so divine a Loss
We enter but the Gain,
Indemnity for Loneliness
That such a Bliss has been.

~Emily Dickinson

The last thing Mulder remembered thinking before he entered unconsciousness was that he'd left the stove on. Scully was going to kick his ass if he'd let the house burn down. He wasn't supposed to be cooking for himself anymore. Only the programmed buttons on the microwave were permitted. He agreed in principle, but sometimes he forgot, got out a pan, dumped the can of soup in and set it on a burner. Usually he remembered to turn it off.

Read more... )

Fic: Echo

Jun. 8th, 2011 06:07 pm
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Title: Echo
Author: Full Fathoms Five
Pairing: MSR
Rating: PG
Summary: A late night conversation sometime during season 7

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Title: Maundy Thursday
Author: Penumbra
Pairing: MSR
Rating: PG
Summary: Somerset


Maundy Thursday )


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I'm really thrilled to finally address the torrential second half of the Fourth Season, which for me is the pinnacle of the series in mood if not in fabric - grim, disgruntled and hopeless. Well I remember the dark and crickety listlessness of that Gethsemane summer when Mulder was dead and Scully was dying and I was still a lonely Phile on my own and had no idea about contracts or projected seasons, or even the names of the episodes in question. The thing is, I loved that feeling, which proves I am a masochist, but also illustrates the nostalgia I've tried to weft into this fic.

Each of my stories exists in a separate world or viewpoint, and I've never had the desire to revisit any of them, least of all the 'Parabiosis' universe. I doubt I'll ever venture past season 5 again. I simply recycled this title, which I'll probably regret. I think it fits this story, though. It's also just possible that this story is a precursor to 'Morpeth Rant'. So much for never revisiting the same milieu.

I'd like to thank the kind stranger who charitably purchased this story to aid the earthquake devastation in Haiti last winter - it's been nice getting to know you a bit, D. I don't truly feel I've had the time to hit the mark I wanted to with this fic, but I hope it works on some level. As someone once said, it's an homage.

Oh, and those purely looking for a smut fix should hop right to Part Three. Don't say I never did nothin' fer ye : )

Title: Upsidaisium
Author: Penumbra
Pairing: Mulder & Scully
Rating: NC-17 for unsanctioned partner-mackin'
Summary: Season 4 -5 'Gethsemane'/'Redux' Mulder POV unbetaed PWP

For the generous and infinitely patient cygnet7

Part 1. Iceman

Part 2. Bad Radio

Part 3. The Floating Hill


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Requiem is one of, if not my favorite X-Files episode. I chose it to show some love for. I know some people are probably thinking, "Seriously, Requiem?" but this episode to me is so wonderfully written. Is it painful? Without a doubt. Is it hearbreaking? It still makes me bawl uncontrollably sometimes. No matter how many times I see it, I never fail to yell to Mulder, "Don't do it. Back away from the light." But, to me the heart of it is coming the ultimate show of a perfect love story seven years in the making. Mulder's dedication and love for Scully shows so much in his want for their to be an end for Scully and ultimately trying to keep her safe by not taking her to Oregon with him. Even the stuff with Billy Miles, Krycek, and The Smoking Man is so perfectly written. It wraps up so much of all of that and perfectly done in my opinion. This episode is without a doubt Beautifully Devastating. 

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Title: Time enough at last
Author: [ profile] bayloriffic
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: R
Words: 3160
Summary: Sharing a room with Scully isn’t nearly as much fun as he’d hoped it would be.
Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] xf_is_love. Missing scene for “The Rain King.”

(fake cut to my journal)
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My episode of choice of episodes is "Sunshine Days" which I've always been oddly fond of. And watching some late season XF to get into the mood to finish this made me realise that I'm still totally a Doggett/Reyes shipper. DDR FTW!

Title: Things That Fall from the Sky
Rating: PG
Pairing: Doggett/Reyes
Summary: Reyes has been feeling strangely restless.
Spoilers: "Sunshine days" (d'uh!)

About 2500+ words
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TITLE: The Only Truth That Remains
AUTHOR: [ profile] memories_child
DISCLAIMER: The X Files and all its characters belong to The Syndicate Chris Carter and co. No infringement is intended. Please don’t abduct sue me.
A/N: This was written for the episode Demons. I had a shortish drabble thingy that I wanted to make longer and it fitted in perfectly with this episode, and this fic. More notes at the end of the fic, so I don't spoil it. Huge thanks to [ profile] idella and [ profile] hummingfly67 for the beta.

You had some kind of relationship with him...The man who worked with my father, the man who came to you that night when I was twelve, and forced you to choose Samantha. )
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Title: Factual Retention
Author: [ profile] icedteainthebag
Pairing/Character: Mulder/Scully
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mulder has a dream about a magical turnip. And there’s lots of sex.
Spoilers/Warnings: Je Souhaite post-ep
Author's Note: This was written for [ profile] xf_is_love and is dedicated to all of the readers who keep demanding more fanfic from me. Thank you, you inspire me and make me very happy.

Mulder’s having a dream about the south of France and a magical bag of turnips. )


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