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I tried my hand at making a retro noir poster. :)

Art Title: XF is Love entry - Noir Poster
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] omg_wtf_yeah
Characters: Mulder and Scully
Rating: G
Dimensions: 800x1000


Full size at my LJ


Jun. 29th, 2011 11:35 pm
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 Hey everyone!  I've been slowly rediscovering the X-Files over the past few months, and having this month of XF love has been a real treat.  I bring a small contribution to the festivities, three gifs.

Enjoy! )
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These shouldn't be terribly spoilery, as I've only seen up through the beginning of Season Four so far. ;)

All 26 under the cut... )
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It's the 13th, so I guess I'm up. ;)

X-Files Graphics
- 4 banners (3 Scully, 1 Scully&Mulder)
- 8 icons


Mulder & Scully / Scully & Mulder

ETA: + some wallpapers :)
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Requiem is one of, if not my favorite X-Files episode. I chose it to show some love for. I know some people are probably thinking, "Seriously, Requiem?" but this episode to me is so wonderfully written. Is it painful? Without a doubt. Is it hearbreaking? It still makes me bawl uncontrollably sometimes. No matter how many times I see it, I never fail to yell to Mulder, "Don't do it. Back away from the light." But, to me the heart of it is coming the ultimate show of a perfect love story seven years in the making. Mulder's dedication and love for Scully shows so much in his want for their to be an end for Scully and ultimately trying to keep her safe by not taking her to Oregon with him. Even the stuff with Billy Miles, Krycek, and The Smoking Man is so perfectly written. It wraps up so much of all of that and perfectly done in my opinion. This episode is without a doubt Beautifully Devastating. 

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Warning: Some icons can be a bit NC-17ish

Comment Credit No hotlinking No editing Also posted on my community


TEASER! Icon 020 TEASER! Icon 028 TEASER! Icon 034

Greetings from planet Earth... )


Apr. 26th, 2009 02:33 pm
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I wanted to do more, like portraits of TLG or DT, but I only had time to do this. :(

pretty huge graphics inside, sorry )
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Title: Je Souhaite: Krispy Kremes and Sexy Tiems
Rated: R for language, implied drug use and innuendo.

This is my episode cappage for Je Souhaite.

Chronic morbid tumescence. )
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50 icons
2 headers
Kinda HUGE picspam


This is what happens when I make things for my favorite episode ... )
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45 Icons
6 Headers
2 Wallpapers (each with and without text)
Black and white picspam.

Screencaps from here and here
Episode quotes here
Please credit either [livejournal.com profile] funkyangel or [livejournal.com profile] paper_heartsx


I won't let you go alone )
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Hi all! 

My episode was Revelations...so here's my first post...will probably post more a bit later!

Fan Art under the cut... )
More to come!!

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The Field Where I Died

Mulder: Dana? If... early in the four years we've been working together... an event occurred that suggested... or somebody told you that we'd been friends together... in other lifetimes. Always. Would it have changed some of the ways we looked at one another?
Scully: Even if I knew for certain, I wouldn't change a day... Well... maybe that flukeman thing. I could have lived without that just fine.

But love... love... souls mate eternal...  )

Credit either [livejournal.com profile] colour_mepurple or [livejournal.com profile] coffeestop_x

Caps = FredFarm + MSRArchive
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29 icons - feel free to take any you like...credit please!
1 wallpaper - various sizes

Monsters...I'm your boy. )
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++ 1 Textless Wallpaper: you may add text if you'd like
++ 2 Headers: one with text, one without... you can add different text to the blank one if you'd like
++ 38 Textless Icons: you may add text if you'd like
++ Picspam: no commentary though... mainly because my brain is MADE OF FAIL when it comes to that sort of thing... *smiff*
++ Original Untouched Screencaps: HERE

I'm fine, Mulder )


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