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Thank you from me also for everyone who participated, be it as a contributor or a watcher/commenter. It was awesome seeing so many people wanting to celebrate the show this year!

Also great thanks to my partner in crime [ profile] wendelah1! This fest wouldn't have happened without her:)

Here's a masterlist of our mini-rewatchathon:

Rewatch masterlist )
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Thank you to everyone here who contributed to [ profile] xf_is_love, by creating things and sharing them, and by commenting on the posts. This was a special year for The X-Files fandom, and you helped make it even more memorable.

If I have inadvertently left anyone off this list, or made other errors, please comment to let me know and I will fix it asap. Contributions are grouped by category and in alphabetical order by title.

If you wrote fic, or recorded podfic, or made a vid, and you have an account at AO3, you can add it to our collection: The X-Files Love Month.

The 20th Anniversary of The X-Files Love Month )
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Sorry for the delay, but here is finally the masterlist for this year's Love Month. Big hugs to all who participated, either by contributing something or just by leaving feedback to the entries.

Masterlist )
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Thanks again for everyone who contributed to the [ profile] xf_is_love, either by claiming a day and creating something, or by commenting and participating in discussion.

We had smaller participation this time than on previous years, but what we lacked in quantity was, as always, made up in quality. Here is a list of all the works produced this year - go and give people feedback, because that's what keep the fandom alive.

Masterlist )

If you've written fic for XF Love, you can also add it to our collection at AO3 (if you don't have an account there but want one, let me know - I have few spare invites).
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Hi everyone!

The Love Month is now over and I would like to thank everyone who participated, either as a contributor or a watcher (and to apologise for being a slightly absent mod due to various RL things).

Here's the masterlist for this year:
whole lotta goodies )

Let me know if I made any mistakes or left something out.

Also, a reminder that if you have an account at AO3, you can add fic that you've written for [ profile] xf_is_love to the our collection there.

And if you like [ profile] xf_is_love, how about also trying a similar celebration for another scifi classic, Babylon 5? [ profile] babylon5_love is having its fifth round in August, and the sing-ups are currently open.
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First of all, I would like to thanks everyone who participated in this round of [ profile] xf_is_love, both contributors and readers. Hopefully we'll be able to do this again next year.

And now, the masterlist of all the posts made on this round:

Wow, you people were really busy )

If you spot any mistakes in the list, let me know.


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