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Filling up an empty day with a small nostalgia trip. I went through my WIP folder and found a fic I'd started writing after seeing "The Truth" (over ten years ago, where does the time go?), polished it up a bit, and then finished it.

Veritas (1354 words) by Ruuger
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Doggett/Monica Reyes
Characters: Monica Reyes, John Doggett
Additional Tags: Post-The Truth, Episode Tag

Doggett and reyes on the run after "The Truth".

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You don't care what these people have sacrificed over the last nine years - what's been lost to their cause. You make a mockery of it, gladdened it proves your point.

I should say it up front: The Truth is not one of my favorite episodes. It may, in fact, be one of my least favorite episodes. It's a long annoying clip show with ghosts as major plot devices.

But where it fails to please me as a series finale, it delights me as an episode in which a lot of truths are laid bare. The conspiracy. The mythology. The characters we'd forgotten about and the sacrifices they made. The reminder of what an incredible journey we've been on. There is a lot in the episode that makes the world in which The X-Files is set just that much richer. (I would suggest reading a transcript of the episode. It's a good read.)

Without further tl;dr: two fanmixes )

Title: Witness
Author: [ profile] heartequals
Pairing: Gen (DRRish)
Rating: PG
Words: 318
Summary: Monica is a witness. (AO3)

fic )
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My episode of choice of episodes is "Sunshine Days" which I've always been oddly fond of. And watching some late season XF to get into the mood to finish this made me realise that I'm still totally a Doggett/Reyes shipper. DDR FTW!

Title: Things That Fall from the Sky
Rating: PG
Pairing: Doggett/Reyes
Summary: Reyes has been feeling strangely restless.
Spoilers: "Sunshine days" (d'uh!)

About 2500+ words
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Some of these drawings are pretty much prehistoric, and some are more recent, but they all include at least one of the two "most unwanted." ♥ These doodles are sedimentary layers of my DRR love and beyond.

Follow cut for some perhaps pretty artistically mediocre, but enthusiastically scribbled doodles and pictures! Excuse any trace of bad anime, please. RATHER IMAGE HEAVY. )

I have a lot more bad XF art I didn't upload. If you're interested in seeing some of it (and other, probably much better art of mine), feel free to visit my deviant art! It's mainly whimsical little pictures.
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Title: Felix Dies Natalis

Rating: R
Summary: And he just fell into the trap.

Disclaimer: I’m just doing what I can to forget that they’re not in IWTB and patiently waiting for XF3…so don’t sue me.

Time line: This takes place some years after ‘The Truth’…2004/2005.

A/N1: “Medico de Familia” (which is a Spanish TV series) gave me a couple of ideas for this to come true.

A/N2: The second half of this story isn’t ‘betaed’ yet. Please, try not to notice the mistakes…I’ll correct them as soon as I can and edit this version.






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This is a short story that I wrote very quickly to help with a small case of writer's block. I hope you all enjoy it. As always, your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

Title: Third Night
Author: Mr. X
Pairing: Doggett / Reyes Romance
Rating: R
Spoilers: Doggett / Reyes saga
Summary: The night after Luke Doggett is found leaves lasting wounds on Doggett and Reyes...
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.

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A Sultry State of Mind
By: [ profile] skypilot_dlm
Rating: PG-13
Category: DRR
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Sadly John Doggett and Monica Reyes do not belong to me. Dang it.
Summary: The summer heat takes its toll.

Hello all here's my contribution for the month. :-D

is it hot in here? )
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I hope it's ok to post something on my own. I noticed that this day was free.

This video was my 1st. DRR I have ever done and basically my 1st. video. My 2nd. video was "Against All Odds" which I posted earlier in the month. Savin Me is not perfect by any means but I hope the thought I was trying to convey is shown. Please be kind. :)


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No-one's claimed today, so I thought I'd drop by with a few icons :)

27 icons under the cut )

All shareable, of course. And I have the original files still around, so if you want any one of these textless, or with a different text (say, your username), just say the word :)
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Hey all, here's my contribution for May 16th: a Doggett/Reyes fanmix! :) I was going to do a ficlet too, but alas, I do not manage time wisely and henceforth ran out of it.

unsaid [a doggett/reyes fanmix].
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Title: Shadows, Sludge And Slime
Fandom: The X Files
Characters: Doggett/Reyes
Prompt: #009 Perfect
Word Count: 505
Rating: PG
Summary: Doggett and Reyes chase a perp into the sewers.
Notes: Written for [ profile] 10_fics and [ profile] xf_is_love.

(Shadows, Sludge And Slime)
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Title: Three
Author: kimallus
Pairing: Reyes/Doggett
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Reyes and Doggett and one small miracle. Post-series, time not exactly specified.
Disclaimer: Fox and Ten-Thirteen Productions own Reyes and Doggett and the X-Files, and I do not. This Milagro is mine, though. I'm also not making any money off of this. If sued, I can provide you with a 16 year old station wagon and a set of twins, slightly used. Not worth the effort, I assure you.

I'm hoping this formatted ok! (It's very early on the 14th here in Finland, and I am not all that awake.) If not, you can click here to read it on my website.

Fic under cut )
ruuger: John Doggett and Monica Reyes from The X-Files with the text: "The truth is out there" (Doggett & Reyes - Truth is out there)
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Since today doesn't seem to be claimed, I thought I'd post a little ficlet myself:

Set during "The Truth"

Question of a Doubt


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