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Rushing to post at 10:13!!

Title: Wetwired picspam
Artist: Me ([livejournal.com profile] omg_wtf_yeah)
Rating: G
Dimensions: 563x900


At my LJ
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I decided to do another [livejournal.com profile] xf_is_love day.  I chose Arcadia, because it was one of my first episodes and I love it so much. I think the X-File is a great one and the Mulder/Scully interaction is just too good :)  It always cheers me up when I'm having a bad day.

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I suck at keeping up with deadlines! I'm 2 days late with my piece, but it's better now than never, yes? I made a picspam and 30 icons to represent Mulder and Scully and their gorgeousness and cuteness in this episode. Enjoy! :)

[Click on the pic]
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146 Icons from the X-Files episode 'Bad Blood'.

No hotlinking
No editing


Get those little legs moving. Come on! on [livejournal.com profile] icon_road



Y'all must be the gov'ment people... on my journal

(image heavy)
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Detour is one of my very favourite episodes. It may not be very important in the great scheme of things, but it has everything that you need for a good MOTW episode, everything that makes The X-Files great.
A decent enough monster lurking in the shadows, fun guest characters, Mulder and Scully arguing, Mulder and Scully bantering, Mulder and Scully flirting, Mulder and Scully having a deep conversation in the dark of the night. Mulder being his nerdy self, Scully showing her skeptic!face. Plus, it's a very pretty episode, I love the green of the woods of Florida British Columbia Florida. Makes for very pretty shots and screencaps.

Enough of the talking, here's my little tribute to this wonderful episode:

Jeremiah was a bullfrog.
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Requiem is one of, if not my favorite X-Files episode. I chose it to show some love for. I know some people are probably thinking, "Seriously, Requiem?" but this episode to me is so wonderfully written. Is it painful? Without a doubt. Is it hearbreaking? It still makes me bawl uncontrollably sometimes. No matter how many times I see it, I never fail to yell to Mulder, "Don't do it. Back away from the light." But, to me the heart of it is coming the ultimate show of a perfect love story seven years in the making. Mulder's dedication and love for Scully shows so much in his want for their to be an end for Scully and ultimately trying to keep her safe by not taking her to Oregon with him. Even the stuff with Billy Miles, Krycek, and The Smoking Man is so perfectly written. It wraps up so much of all of that and perfectly done in my opinion. This episode is without a doubt Beautifully Devastating. 

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Part II of II

A quasi-summary of "Musings" - IN CAPS!


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Title: Down the Rabbit Hole: Dreams, Memory, Subjective Reality and Mulder as Alice
Episode: Paper Hearts
Author: [livejournal.com profile] leucocrystal
Word count: 3,441
A/N: Firstly, apologies are in order: I'm late on this one!  My date for "Paper Hearts" was the 28th, but I had an unexpected and unusual amount of work shifts in the past couple of weeks, plus many other goings on, and I kept feeling that I wasn't in the proper frame of mind to approach writing meta for my favorite episode.  And then... whoops, it's 48 hours before my day!  Clearly, I am the worst sort of procrastinator.

Anyway, to make up for this, I may have overdone it a bit, heh.  I've got a meaty chunk of meta to offer in one post, and a thoroughly fangirly picspam in another.  Hopefully, if I've done my job right, all of you will at least enjoy one of these things!

I've posted them at my journal, which I hope is all right, but I mainly did so for size considerations.  In case anyone would prefer to read the posts in a more standard format, or in the style of their own LJ, just tack on either ?format=light or ?style=mine to the end of the URL of each post, and you're good to go.  Click the banners to get to the posts, and be sure to give the picspam time to load; it's quite large!  Oh, and enjoy! :)

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Title: Je Souhaite: Krispy Kremes and Sexy Tiems
Rated: R for language, implied drug use and innuendo.

This is my episode cappage for Je Souhaite.

Chronic morbid tumescence. )
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First off, I apologize for the extreme lateness of this post. Long story short, my internet connection is proving to be the bane of my existence :P That being said, I present my meager offering of a picspam and some icons as a tribute to one of my top five favorite eps of all time. Hope you enjoy :)

Part 1 )

Parts 2 & 3, as well as some textless icons at my journal.
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So I think we can all agree Never Again is a pretty awesome episode. Know what else is awesome? This Picspam and the icons that go with it. I'm cutting it because it is large and internet blowing up is not cool. Captioned with my own little summerization of the episode and yeah it's kinda crack!capped

Let's Play Some Battelship Y'all! )
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50 icons
2 headers
Kinda HUGE picspam


This is what happens when I make things for my favorite episode ... )
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45 Icons
6 Headers
2 Wallpapers (each with and without text)
Black and white picspam.

Screencaps from here and here
Episode quotes here
Please credit either [livejournal.com profile] funkyangel or [livejournal.com profile] paper_heartsx


I won't let you go alone )
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The following, "All Things Coming Together At Once," is a mosaic of photos, quotes, lyrics, scripture, and fanfic spawned by "all things." Sometimes we have to see the whole at once to understand something instead of looking at it frame by frame; yet sometimes one frame at a time is all we need.


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