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This video covers Mulder's abduction arc during season 8. Scully's POV, definitely from an MSR angle.

If you care to view any other videos I have, go here: https://vimeo.com/user22225257/videos Enjoy :)

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Good morning! I have a few videos and fics to post throughout the day, but I thought I'd start with something light and fun.

This is to the tune of Gopher Mambo and it's sort of an ode to the less serious side of X-Files. Enjoy!

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Here are a few videos I've made (3) - if youtube has already blocked any, I've also uploaded them to sendspace, to be downloaded and watched, if you'd like, here. Thanks! Feel free to let me know what you think. This is all also posted at my lj here.

Here are the youtube links:

"Giants" (Bear Hands)

"Tonight, Tonight" (Smashing Pumpkins)

"Last to Die" (Pet Shop Boys)


Oct. 11th, 2013 03:18 pm
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Uhm... I'm not one for long and articulate speeches so I'll keep it short and simple: X-Files is my first love and I will always (always!) be obsessed with it XD I don't care if it's oh so 90s or outdated, it's not just my childhood memory that endears it to me... it still is a good show, one i keep rewatching and finding new meaning to it.

One thing in particular that kept me coming back week after week and season after season was Mulder and Scully's relationship. Now, I know we're here for the whole show, mithology, conspiracy, aliens, mutants, politics and whatnot, but seriously, really, they were the show!
I guess where I want to go is: I'm a shipper *-* and I'm also a vidder... Let me tell you how it works when you're a shipper vidder: you hear a song on a commercial when your brain is in autopilot (because who's really paying attention during commercials) and there's a line about payphones... and suddenly your mind is flooded with M&S images! and then you try to pay attention to the song lyrics and more images appear and next thing you know you're trimming clips and putting them together at 4AM!

So that's what I did:

(I'm a bit rusty, sorry, I hope you enjoy anyway, lemme know)
I'll never get tired of these two ♥
and it's almost 10thirteen! =)
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I wanted to make a fanvid to IWTB ...just IWTB...then I realized they are sadly not in it together ENOUGH for a vid...so I had to play around with one of my favorite songs and use more than just IWTB for it...but I'm still happy with the results and feel that IWTB is the theme of it

now that I've babbled on enough time for

148 icons and a vid...I tend to go overboard so very image heavy )
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Title: Hold On Hope
Music: "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons
Vidder: Nancy Blackett / [livejournal.com profile] odessie
Episode: Redux II
Pairing: None
Length: 3:35 min

This is an important episode for me so I've rambled on for a bit with some meta in addition to the vid. Hope you enjoy!

( Ramblings and a fanvid (streaming and download) at my journal )
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This is my favorite episode, my go-to episode if I'm having a blah day and need a cheer up so I must celebrate it in all forms

Video & Eighty Icons (this was me cutting some of the original 100) )

Title:: Movie Night
Rating:: R
Word Count : 1,130
A/N: Caddyschack scenes have been written a zillion times...here's mine.
Subject:: Caddyshack?
I’m fairly happy )

Title:: One Wish
Rating:: G
Word Count: 283
A/N : Maybe that's the point of us being here...
Subject:: One wish...

If you had one wish, what would it be? )
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by: Alanis Morissette
edited by: untapdtreasure
spoilers: Milagro
created on: june 3, 2010-june 4, 2010
production notes: I've always been attracted to this song, and I really thought it fit for this particular episode. This is not a shippy video (not really anyway). Its just what it is, a tribute to an exceptional artist (ms. morissette) and to a beautifully written episode (milagro). all feedback is welcomed and appreciated. even if you think it sucked, please say so. This video was created for Round 3 at [livejournal.com profile] xf_is_love.

(an object to crave)
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Hello, everyone!
This DRR Love Festival day was not taken, and since I have a few creations to share and I am still learning how to post, I thought I might start early. This is my first video and I would like to share it with all of you here. All thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. 

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You know that scene in DeadAlive when Mulder wakes in his hospital bed and Doggett is looking on from the doorway? The expression on his face breaks my heart every time.

So .... this is a new Doggett vid, primarily inspired by that scene and the events of season 8. 

I had intended it to be Doggett POV, but somehow it transformed itself into DSR along the way!

Anyway, enjoy.

-- watch it here -- 

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I hope it's ok to post something on my own. I noticed that this day was free.

This video was my 1st. DRR I have ever done and basically my 1st. video. My 2nd. video was "Against All Odds" which I posted earlier in the month. Savin Me is not perfect by any means but I hope the thought I was trying to convey is shown. Please be kind. :)


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This is my 2nd. DRR video and wanted to share.
Hope you enjoy.

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So...I have the big honour to be the first one to contribute with a "goodie" as ruuger says. LOL 
This is mainly a Doggett arc centered video with dripper connotations... I made it recently, I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you all think about it, I'm very curious.

Tears In Heaven by Paul Anka.



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